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Every day, tons of electronic parts are simply discarded. What most people don't realize is that many of these parts are still in working condition. They can be sold individually for a profit, or dismantled and put together into a whole working piece of electronic equipment. This can either be a hobby or a lucrative main business.

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Choose a specialty. Unless you're an engineering major, it's generally not a good idea to try and make money from many different types of electronics. Instead, learn one type well. For example, if you concentrate on PC scrap parts, you'll soon learn what each part is worth and how to put together custom PCs.

Visit your local scrap yard. Generally you'll either get to enter for free and pay per part, or pay a one-time entrance fee and take as much as you like. There are many electronic devices that are simply thrown in the garbage with parts still working. Scrounge up as many parts as you can and bring them home to test to see if they work.

Buy individual parts if you believe they're underpriced, or buy broken electronics.

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Again, you will need to know one specific type of electronics well so you know how to price it. Catalog each part. List your working parts on sites like Craigslist and eBay if you can sell it at a profit. Any time you have enough parts to build an entire working model, build it and sell the whole.

You'll generally make more selling a working piece of electronic equipment rather than its parts. Derek Young has been writing professionally since Young studied Web development at the College of San Mateo. Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.We offer e waste and battery recycling services to IT companies, industries, office, educational institutions etc. Sell E-waste online is an new initiative to provide convenient E waste and Battery disposal facility to the companies, instructions, hospitals and households to sell their scrap at the best price online.

Zolopik offers a reliable and cost-effective collection service for all electrical or electronic goods and Battery scrap. We collect all types of electrical and electronic goods, and decommission them, if required, to guarantee data security.

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We will also make sure any device contains data will be wiped as per the industry standards or Data degaussing if necessary. Now drop off e-waste at e-waste collection center Bangalore or schedule for e-waste pickup by submitting your request online. Book for Scrap Pickup: Click Here. To Know more details about pollution control board compliance Click Here. We facilitate scrap material to government authorized recyclers at the best price by following all the compliance of state pollution control board and central pollution control board.

Developed by UniCrave Technologies. Search for:. Sell E waste online Battery Scrap. Contact Spam protection, skip this field Your Full Name. Contact Number. Your E-mail. Enter Your Address. What you want to sell. Sell e waste, battery scrap at best price online. Are you looking for government authorized recycler?

sell electronic scrap

Yes, you are at the right online platform to get all your recycling needs. Recycling Solutions. Sell E-Waste Online Sell Scrap Online E waste Disposal Sell E-waste online is an new initiative to provide convenient E waste and Battery disposal facility to the companies, instructions, hospitals and households to sell their scrap at the best price online. E waste Pickup E waste disposal Zolopik offers a reliable and cost-effective collection service for all electrical or electronic goods and Battery scrap.

Data Security: We will also make sure any device contains data will be wiped as per the industry standards or Data degaussing if necessary. Quick Link.The thrill of unboxing it, charging it up and using it for the first time, and then figuring out how to use the device.

Does it just sit in your drawer gathering dust? The thing is, often those old, unused and sometimes broken electronics are still worth some money to someone. This past week while continuing to unpack and declutter at our new house, I decided to sell a couple of old electronic devices that I had sitting around the house cluttering things up.

A couple of them were still working but were unused. One of them, my old Nexus tablet, was working to a degree but had a cracked screen. I decided to see if I could get any money out of them. Some companies will have retail locations that you can go to and get your device fixed — have a screen replaced, get a new battery installed, etc. Other companies like Puls will come to you, and fix your device at your location. They can fix issues ranging from a faulty headphone plug, broken power button, to giving you a new bluetooth radio or screen.

Something to consider. One of the best places to do that in my experience is Square Trade as the costs are typically pretty reasonable and they cover things like drops and spills:.

Electronic Scrap

Another thing to consider is that a lot of credit cards will offer extended warranty protection just for using their card.

For example, I bought a GPS years ago that my credit card added a 2nd year of warranty onto — which came in handy when it stopped working. You might be sitting on hundreds of dollars in savings, just by switching services, or asking for a discount with your current provider. It pays to look around, get quotes at a few different sites, and see what you can get for them.

Another item I found I could get the best return by selling on eBay. All three of the items had no trade in value when I looked at the popular trade-in sites like Gazelle and NextWorth. Typically it seems your devices have to be relatively new and popular, like iPads and iPhones.

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Nexus 7 8GB 1st Generation Tablet. The screen cracked and the touchscreen was inoperable. After doing some research I found that there was an active marketplace for repairable items on eBay where people will buy broken electronics and repair them.Gold has reached record heights in the last few years, making electronic scrap more valuable than ever! With nearly a decade of experience in processing and refining electronic scrap material, you can be rest assured that your material is in the right hands to get maximum recovery.

We Buy Computer Circuit Boards and Electronics Scrap

Fill out the form on the left to set up an account and get started today! Your satisfaction is very important to us! Our simple and unique process allows us to efficiently and accurately process your lot.

No one does it better, period! Your metals will be recovered using state-of-the-art precious metal reclaimation technologies. These technologies not only maximize the precious metals recovery, they also prevent your recyclables from entering the waste stream! All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail.

Receive order updates by email. Mother boards. Cell Phones. Processor Chips CPU. Printed Circuit Board. Gold Fingers.

sell electronic scrap

IC Chips. Read our Terms of Use.

Ewaste E-scrap guide to selling online

I agree with these terms. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. What code is in the image?We buy anything that has a cord or uses a battery. And we mean Anything!!! Stockton Sacramento Main Navigation Home Page F. Stop getting charged to get rid of your ewaste!!

Get paid CASH today!! Stockton, Sacramento, Manteca, Tracy, Modesto, san francisco, san jose, santa clara, fremont, milpitas, cupertino, san leandro, oakland, hayward, roseville, folsom, citrus heights and all bay area and valley business clients. Stockton - Get Cash 4 eWaste E. E-waste is the popular name for electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life. Many of these can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. Unfortunately, electronic discards is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation's waste stream.

Our company Get Cash 4 Ewaste will pay you to get rid of them. Stockton E. Alpine Ave. Televisions, Monitors, LCD. Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Computer Towers Complete. Mixed Wire Clean.

Computer Towers Inc. Power Supply. Cell Phones. Hard Drives. Metal Top CPU. Circuit Boards. Fiber CPU. Ceramic Old CPU. Network Equipment. All Other Electronics. Scrap Computer Memory.Recycling, Inc. Main contact page Hallandale, FL Houston, TX logistics Electronics recycling We recycle all kinds of scrap electronics for precious metals recovery, such as scrap computersend of life telecommunication equipment and servers, test equipment, networking, scrap cell phones and smartphones and most types of discarded electronics.

sell electronic scrap

See more details about electronic scrap. Scrap computers - We buy all kinds of computers waste, scrap computer boards such as video boards, sound cards, modem boards, non working waste mother boards or any other electronic boards scrap, we buy any PC scrap printed circuit boards and all computer related parts.

See more details about waste computers. Laptop computers scrap - We buy all types of non-repairable laptop wastesuch as mother boards, scrap memory modules, LCD scrap and any other laptop parts for recycling. See more details about Waste laptop computers. Scrap cellular phones - We buy waste cell phone boardscell phone PCBcomplete cell phones or any other Wireless or mobile equipment, we also buy waste cell phone batteries of all kinds.

See more details about cell phones recycling.

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Recycling will buy materials containing gold plating for refining, we are always ready to buy: Communications boards. Scrap PBX Equipment.

Scrap Cellular Phone

Cellular phones. Cell phones boards. CPU scrap. Connectors, pins, and all gold plated materials for refining. Printed circuit boards recycling - we recycle all kinds of PCB's. X-ray film scrap for silver recycling, we provide x-ray film destruction services for outdated x-ray films. There are many types of electronics scrap which contains different amounts of gold and other precious metals, if you have electronics for sell which are listed on our materials we buy list please do not hesitate to contact us with descriptive information and we will be happy to bid for it if its something we are interested at.

We also buy computers for reuse, wholesale of electronic devices, excess inventory of electronic components and electronic surplus. Recycling, Inc also offer x ray film recycling program where we pick-up x-ray films nationwide and offer offer cash back for the silver recovery. See more details about x-ray recycling. Electronics recycling types. Cell phones recycling. Electronic components recycling.

Types of E waste we buy.Call us toll free ext. We buy nearly any type of electronic and computer scrap E-Scrap ranging from circuit boards, to whole computers and servers, to individual components. Nearly all E-Scrap has precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum contained within it. We will pay you top dollar for the precious material that we recycle and refine from your scrap.

We can handle any volume of E-Scrap. Our team is ready to recycle old equipment from site-wide upgrades, warehouse clean-outs, or set-up recovery services for retailers who accept used equipment from their customers.

We can buy pallets of whole computers, server racks and telecommunications equipment.

sell electronic scrap

Telecom and military test equipment are a specialty of ours. We are also happy to refine a few pounds at a time for smaller recycling jobs. There are minimum quantities on some materials to ensure your profitability. We look forwards to serving you with our experience, state of the art equipment and friendly, down to earth service. Our online tracking system enables you to receive status updates and track the progress of your material from receipt to settlement.

Why sell your scrap to us? Get an estimate through our online tool or give us a call at ext. We buy a huge array of computer and electronics scrap from many fields. Below are some examples of what we buy. If your E-Scrap is not listed here, contact us and we can help evaluate its worth.

Tips and tricks to maximize your yields and profits. Our commercial services can help make refining 10,lbs of scrap a breeze. The Refining Company, Inc. Silver Gold Platinum Palladium Electronics. Call us toll free and turn your "trash to cash" ext. Feel free to email us at: info aurextrading. Terms of Use. How Much Gold is in a PC? CicruitboardsGold plated materialGold plated pinsFingersedge connectorswire.


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