Xiaomi ax3600 english firmware

Shame, was hoping for something which I could navigate my mom throu when she's having trouble, but might still get it for myself. Do you know if the default password and ssid are in Latin characters? I ordered the ax Waiting for it to ship.

Probably gonna be a couple months before it arrives. Amazing piece of tech. Just installed mine. Was very delightful, but having no English is really painful. Was trying to figure out how to setup mesh. Did you buy two or more of them? Otherwise what good is mesh? And is mesh enabled right off the bat? I thought a firmware update would be pushed for that? The routers with firmware and above will have a button to make it connect to an existing node without any parameters, I assume the "MiWiFi mesh" has its own secret Mesh ID and password which my R wouldn't have.

I cannot create a node directly on the AX so I can't even mesh the two new routers together. I get the following error when looking for a node Does it support any DDNS service? Thank you. Did not see any trace of it in the miwifi app nor the web administration Xiaomi promises for the next summer.I bought the Xiaomi AX router, but the webinterface is completely in Chinese.

Is there any way to change it into English? Sorry to go off-topic, but does the router come with VPN support? Specifically Wireguard support? There is no English language atm. Had contact with Xiaomi Support in the UK, they confirmed it.

Ah yeah that sounds about right. I saw that the AX was coming to europe, so that made me have hope. With the others routes I have of theirs, I just ended up turning it into an access point.

They've even had the balls to remove english from firmware updates on routers that previously had english. Yeah but the app is useless My precious router I had Tomato installed, could alter anything. With the app you can't do much. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Redmi AX6 vs AX5 vs Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 Comparison | Specs, Features, Speed (Compared)

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xiaomi ax3600 english firmware

Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Xiaomi submitted 6 months ago by Zeagle Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Its a good modem though.As I have mentioned in the reviewthe stock firmware on the Xiaomi AX wireless router is extremely limiting.

On top of that, the firmware is also locked to install only authorized updates from the manufacturer. While there is currently an on-going effort to try and port vanilla OpenWRT for this router, I suspect that might take some time. In this post, I describe how to workaround the lousy firmware and configure the router with the advanced features I need. It is recommended to have UART access handy, in case something bad happens and you need to recover your router, or if you want access to U-Boot, the bootloader.

This would require you to crack open your router, so you might only want to do this if necessary. You need to unscrew 5 screws, 4 of which are hidden under the rubber feet, and one under the center sticker label. In the disassembled top view photo here, you can see the screw holes at the corners, as well as a missing chunk in the center of the heatsink for the mating screw post, directly aligned with the AIoT antenna and indicator LEDs.

The clips that hold the two halves in place are the trickiest. I tried my best, but still managed to destroy some clips and a few plastic nubs after excessive prying. The clips are located all along the front and back of the case, as well as at the sides where the two antennas are.

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You can check out more disassembly photos in my Flickr albumto hopefully help you avoid the mistakes I made. The serial header is located at the left side of the board, with the unit facing towards you, antennas behind. The serial settings are typical:baud, 8N1. This is done using an exploit found by others on the 1. I will not repeat the instructions here, but you essentially need to access a few URLs to. Later versions do not seem to have any known exploits. While there are people working on porting vanilla OpenWRT to the AXI suspect it would be quite some time before we see a usable port.

The stop-gap solution I have come up with is firmware modding. Knowing how the update file is structured, we can extract the firmware, remove the protections, and flash the patched firmware directly. Fortunately, the RSA signature on the update image is only verified at the time a new firmware is uploaded and flashed, and not part of a secure boot chain like Android or iOS devices. The kernel portion uses a U-Boot FIT uImage format, which combines the kernel, device-tree blobs and some hashes and settings in a device-tree-like format.

The root filesystem is just a squashfs, so it can be unpacked and repacked easily with existing tools. I wrote a tool called xqrepackwhich basically takes the official firmware, dissects it, performs some modifications and puts it back together.

The important goal of this modding process is to preserve SSH and UART access, as the official firmware disables them after every upgrade. The other task is to remove phone-home functionality from the firmware.

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In my review, I have mentioned the web UI tracking that is evident by looking at your browser network requests. If there are any crashes or failed upgrades, these are also reported back to Xiaomi along with your WiFi configuration settingswhich I assume helps them be aware of and fix these problems.

Last but not least, using the AIoT functionality of the router also requires interaction with the Xiaomi servers. This has been the case for all of their IoT products anyway.For the audience looking for a unique design in the routers lineup, the Mi AC seems to be a choice as it has the degrees hidden antenna and appears to be nothing but a big and beautiful cylinder. It follows the design of the once-popular Apple AirPort not an Airport though.

However, the question is that if this Antenna-less cylindrical design is really good and can provide the same coverage as the traditional rectangular router with external antennas, or not?

xiaomi ax3600 english firmware

Plus there are more factors to consider, such as the bands, the speed, the wall penetration, ease of use, and setting up. Each router is unique and beautiful and the AC is no exception. If not, this is the only Xiaomi router I love the most in terms of appearance and design.

If I would have selected an external antenna router and a hidden antenna router, the Xiaomi AIoT AX and the Xiaomi Router AC would have been my preferred choice because both of them have a unique design.

The whole router is completely blackwithout any unnecessary design, simple and clean. The cylindrical design has another advantage, which can avoid the signal loss caused by the incorrect placement of the antennaand can also effectively prevent damaging of antenna caused by bumps.

At the lower bottom, the Xiaomi router AC have two strip-shaped indicatorswhich are blue during normal operation, and can be turned off from the APP. Mi router AC adopts the top-bottom three-dimensional cooling grills for good ventilation. The air convection channel cooperates with the large area heat sink to effectively reduce the SoC temperature. It also has a built-in large-area fin-type aluminum heat sink, which can effectively reduce the chip temperature on the original basis and keep the router in the best state at all times, without crashes caused by heat.

In addition, it occupies a space of mm in diameter and mm in height. I personally think that the router is big, but considering its heat dissipation effect and hidden antenna design for aesthetics, this size is acceptable.

Compared with the traditional single-core processor router, the response speed and stability has increased significantly. It can easily support the data transfer of Gigabit network ports and Gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi with lower network latency. It effectively alleviates problems such as slow network speed caused by a long time boot.

At the same time, larger memory also provides a solid hardware base for the stable connection of more devices. According to the officials, the Mi router AC can connect up to devices without facing any stability issue.

I prefer to set the router at the center of my house and experience equal signal strength at all corners.

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The router provides two frequency bands of 2. When the user connects, the router will automatically switch between the two frequency bands according to the signal conditions, making full use of the 2.

This also reduces the effort of changing the bands manually and is suitable for the older generation which finds it difficult to switch between the two bands. However, Dual-band integration also has a disadvantage. For some people who often play games, if the phone location is between 2.

One can turn off the auto-switching from the settings page. Two additional high-speed channels are added to double the transmission rate. Th e meter-square area can be easily covered despite the hidden antenna design. Thanks to beamforming technologythe signal penetration through the walls is also good. It can automatically detect the network location of your phone and computer, enhance the network signal, and make the signal quality of the device more stable. And the 5GHz band also supports LDPC that is, low-density parity-check code error correction algorithm to enhance the anti-interference ability during data transmission.

We have four locations A, B, C, D which are 1m, 5m, 8m, and 10m away from the router, respectively. Point A : In an environment that is about 1 m away from the router and there is no obstruction in the middle, the signal value received by phone is Point B: At a distance of about 5m, a wall is in-between the router and the phone, the value is Point C : In an environment that is about 8m away from the router, separated by two walls, the readings are At this time, the two values area News Reporter.

Grand Master Bunny. Device Team. Rookie Bunny. FieldITech from MI 8. Please refer to the following steps to change the language. Step 2: Connect your computer to the wifi named "Xiaomi" or with a cable to the LAN port on the router.

Step 3: Open the browser and enter the URL: www. Attention: Don't cut off the power during the whole process. Source :.

xiaomi ax3600 english firmware

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Xiaomi Mi AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 Router Setup Review Compare VS Huawei AX3 Pro

Step 4: Follow the instructions to rename your WiFi router and set a password to set up your Mi router. Favorites 0 Shares Facebook Twitter. Thanks for sharing.

Omkar News Reporter. Thanks for the information. There is no English language option on this router. You have to use google translate on the page. I've got the latest firmware update, but there is only Chinese language, no other option to select.

Sorry but I don t have this option my Router is only chinese. This is the 3rd website I've seen these instructions on, and they are very incorrect - the AX doesn't have the option for English on either version of firmware I've used the one it came with and the one I've updated it to. It has no option to change the language to anything anywhere I've default factory reset it twice after the original setup to see if I missed something.

Google Translate seems to mostly get the job done, except for the DHCP static IP allocation settings screen is it expecting me to bind all 19 of my wifi devices to their IP's? I only want to bind 1 - do I delete the other 18 that come up in that screen? I own 11 Xiaomi devices from cameras to routers to extendersall came from China and none are in English.

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I've figured out how to set them all up except for the AX, which is the lastest device! What gives, Xiaomi? The US wants to love you, but you seem to hate us. Same, nope not there, no english or any language Paddyman News Reporter. Follow Send PM. Suited and Booted. Tech Talent. MIUI Geek. App Maniac. Mi 10th Birthday Medal.However, there are some differences as well. Power button Antenna Configuration Numbers of Antennas 6 4 7 2. The router which offers the best here is the Redmi AX6 router explained later in this comparison.

The Redmi AX6 and AX5 router have a similar traditional rectangular design and are made from plastic which gives a cheap feeling to these routers, after all these are cost-effective routers.

Both of them are available in white color only. Even the antennas are triangular in shape. Heat dissipation performance is not bad much better than Huawei AX3 Pro. The router is so unique and large that from a distance you can see that one has the AX working. The router is available in black color only.

Also, the edges are more pointy in AX6 and curved in AX5. In terms of durability, the AX stands out. The AX5 and AX6 are also durable thanks to the incredible heat dissipation but not as good as AX due to the large vertical heat sink.

All three routers have different numbers of antennas but the antenna strength remains 5dB. Redmi AX5 has the least numbers of antennas which are four 2 x 2. Redmi AX6 has 6 antennas 4 x 5G antennas and 2 x 2. They are 7 in number 4 x 5G antennas, 2 x 2. Moreover, the antenna design for AX6 and AX5 is quite similar and traditional.

Not to forget the middle antenna which is AIoT has the blue LED light on top and that is why it appears to be different from other antennas if you view them from the top. The max devices it can connect at one time is also half devices. All three routers are Dual-Band 2. All of them have the option of intelligent connection connects to the suitable band automatically and switch to only one preferred band as well from the web page sadly in Chinese for AX5 and AX6.

As for the 2. As for the 5G, we have a huge change and probably the downside of the Redmi AX5. AX maximum speed total, dual band is even higher reaching to Mbps thanks to the extra AIoT antenna which is dual band. Redmi AX6 is new and will soon receive the mesh update. All of them connect via the traditional way of connecting to a device No NFC etc.

Since all three routers are operated via the same App and Web page, the features are also the same including:. First starting with the app, there are many complaints about the app stability, frequent disconnects, and phone compatibility issues. Most of them are due to the user changing the location of the router from China Mainland to somewhere else. However, Xiaomi developers are trying hard to fix these problems. You can you the browser translator to guide you.

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However, Xiaomi AIoT router AX has now a global version with the English firmware so that one can also change the language and location. Here are the screenshots of Mi WiFi app sorry for the Chinese here :. Gearbest is selling the global version of the AX router. You can check that from here. The price is unreasonable though :O. Disclaimer: If you are looking forward to buying this product, please buy from the links given above which offers the best price.

xiaomi ax3600 english firmware

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